Marshal Vankler Petry

I'm a Web Developer with more than a decade of experience. I currently work at Viewdeck, and my main role is to create interfaces for mobile devices and web, with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in React, Next and Vue frameworks.



I'm a Front-end Developer with strong backgound in UX and digital design. I'm also familiar with most current industry tooling and framework choices such as Ionic, Angular, TypeScript, React, and the majority of HTML and CSS pre/post-processors.

My peers usually think I'm easy-going, communicative, a fast learner, and a reference for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and animations knowledge. To enrich user experience I do know how to animate in various tools. I animate using Adobe Animate, After Effects for motion animation and CSS, JavaScript and svg for the behavior of elements and transitions in general, and lastly, Three.js and blender for 3D web experiences.

I also participate in project conceptions and have solid experience in teams that use agile methodologies.

Working Experience

Viewdeck: Software Engineer (2022/01 - now)

Zello: Software Engineer (2015/07 - 2021/12)

CTIS Tecnologia: Web developer (2011/11 - 2015/07)

Fucsia Propaganda: Web designer (2009/01 - 2011/09)

Working Experience(side projects)